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Here are the Answers see how you went!

1.Name the Animal- It's a vegetarian, has a long neck and sleeps standing up - name that animal.

B. The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. It sleeps standing up because it takes too long to get back up if a predator comes along.

2.Name the Animal- This animal's name comes from two Greek words that mean "river horse."

 Oh yeah, they're also excellent swimmers.

B. Although its name means 'river horse,' the hippopotamus is more closely related to pigs than horses.

3. What is the world's most populated Country?

A. China, China has the world's largest population, with an estimated 1.24 billion people in 1998. It grows at a rate of approximately 44,000 people a day.

4.For every human there are _____  insects

A.200 million, for every human being there are 200 million insects bugging about.

5. What is the world's most popular instrument?

C. Harmonica, surprisingly the most popular instrument in the entire world.

6. Humans have how many muscles in their bodies?

A.400, we have all 400 muscles in our bodies helping us to function from day to day.