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So you think you can be a Master? Try these Questions Out and see how well you did...

Try and write your own quiz and test your friends

1.Name the Animal- It's a vegetarian, has a long neck and sleeps standing up - name that animal.

A. Elephant

B. Giraffe

C. Tiger

D. Mongoose


2.Name the Animal- This animal's name comes from two Greek words that mean "river horse."

 Oh yeah, they're also excellent swimmers.

A.  Rhinoceros.

 B. Hippopotamus.

 C. Elephant



3. What is the world's most populated Country?

A. China

B. America

C. Russia

D. England

4.For every human there are _____  insects

A.200 million


C. 500 hundred


5. What is the world's most popular instrument?

A. Guitar

B. Piano

C. Harmonica

D. Bagpipes

6. Humans have how many muscles in their bodies?


B. 20





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