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Make your money GROW!



You will need-

                                            ·  A coin

                                            ·  A clear drinking glass

                                            ·  Water

Want to see your money grow? Put a coin in the bottom center of an empty drinking glass. Put about an inch (2.5 cm) of water into the glass, making sure the coin stays in position. Look at the glass from an angle slightly above the water level. When you find just the right angle, you will see the coins—appearing to float! And on the bottom of the glass you’ll see a larger coin!

Light rays reflect upward from the coin and bend toward your eye, making the coin appear to float. Also, the curved glass acts as a magnifying lens to make the real coin on the bottom look larger than it is.

Do It Yourself- Rainbow


You will need-

                                                    ·  wide-mouthed, smooth, circular glass jar or large plain

                                                    drinking glass filled with water

                                                    ·  small mirror

                                                    ·  flashlight/ torch


1. Place the mirror inside the water-filled jar. Tilt the mirror slightly upward.

2. In a very dark room with white walls, shine the flashlight onto the mirror. A rainbow appears! (Hint: If no rainbow appears at first, just change the angle of light)


The mirror reflects light that passes back through the water, travelling at an angle. The water refracts, or bends, the light. As light bends, it separates into the colours of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.


Is that Celery RED?  Yes it is and I did it!


You will need-

                                                    • Celery stalk
                                                    • 1 tablespoon (15 mm) of red food dye
                                                    • Tall, clear jar
                                                    • Enough water to fill half the jar




1. Pour the water in the jar. Add the red colouring.
2. Stand the celery in the glass.
3. Wait 24 hours, and the celery leaves will turn red.



The celery absorbs the water—and the colouring—and carries it to the leaves. Plants absorb water and minerals in a process called osmosis. In osmosis liquids pass through a plant's membrane, or outer covering, and move through its stem to its leaves.